These Top Tips Will Help You to Take Better Property Photographs

There is a LOT to think about when you’re selling your house. Of course you need to organise the property itself, have it valued, put it on the market, potentially host viewings and then you have to look at new properties for yourself.

It takes a lot of preparation to sell a property and do it well, however the introduction of property sales on the internet has made this far easier than it used to be.

As many as 90% of property buyers admit that they now begin their search for new houses on the internet. Whereas once people would have to call into estate agent offices or pick up the local newspaper in order to acquire property listings, now it’s easier than ever before to pick up your smartphone, tablet or whatever you use for your internet access, and take a look at what the property market has to offer.

This is why it’s SO important to ensure your property photographs are up to scratch when you’re selling. This is the first impression that potential buyers will get of your home, and could make or break their decision on whether or not they actually want to view it. Think of it as the dating website image of your house.

Today, we’re going to be sharing our top tips on how to take better property images for your listing.

Use an HD Camera or Smartphone

If you don’t own an HD camera or smartphone, then now might be the time to either invest in one, or ask a favour of somebody who owns or has access to one.

If the images aren’t HD, then it takes away the heir of professionalism from the photographs – and the more pro they look, the better.

It’s not just about the literal image being clearer. If you post images that look unprofessional people will assume that you are also unprofessional, and are therefore less likely to want to partake in a business transaction – such as buying a property – with you. Think about the impression you’re making on potential buyers above all else.

Ensure the Images are Well Lit

There is nothing, we repeat NOTHING, worse than photographs being so dark that you can’t even tell what their subject is supposed to be. Generally speaking, people will scroll straight past these images, so don’t let that happen.

One of the best lights to use, is without doubt, natural light. Now we know, it’s February at present, and natural light is a little harder to come by than it would be in the height of the Summer, but if you take the images at the right time of day (on a bright day), then you’ll notice a real difference. This is particularly relevant for the exterior of the house, and the best images of these are without doubt taken at dawn – when the sun has just risen, and the light is at its best. You can go back to bed after you’ve taken them, we promise!

The good news about your interior, is that you have overhead lighting to help you out. We’d still recommend taking the images on a bright day, but because you have less access to the outside lighting, use your artificial lighting as much as you can. Sure, open up your windows and doors, but also use overhead lighting to properly show off your home to its best. It makes a real difference.

Use a Tripod

One sure way of telling a pro photographer apart from the average joe, is by how still the camera is held. Use a tripod and your viewers will never know the difference!

This will just ensure the images are as level and still as possible. You don’t want the photographs to be blurry or wonky in the slightest, so eliminate the risk of that by using a tripod. It doesn’t have to be a top of the range piece of equipment – just one that’ll hold your camera still and straight while you take pictures.

Dress Your Home

Last of all, but by no means least, be sure to dress your home prior to taking the photographs.

Think of IKEA showrooms, and what it is that makes them so presentable. Every cushion is plumped, the dining table is set, and there isn’t a throw out of place. We know this isn’t a realistic way of living, but set your home like this ready for taking snaps, and they’ll always look good.

As a finishing touch – fresh flowers never go amiss!

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