Our Interior Décor Tips Will Ensure You Sell Your House More Quickly

Selling Your House Quickly In 2020 – Advice Guide

People underestimate the power that interior design has. Some of the biggest home transformations are not made by extending and renovating, but by the simplistic method of redecorating and rearranging a space. So why don’t more people bare this in mind when selling their property?

A house must be many things to be sellable. It must be well priced, and well marketed – and above all, it must be appealing and desirable to potential buyers.

So many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they have to renovate or extend in order to do this – and although these are viable options for some, they’re far too expensive for others. Likewise, there is no evidential proof that they actually have any more impact on the sale of a property, than an interior makeover would.

Today, we’re going to be sharing our favourite tricks of the trade when it comes to interior décor, that will be sure to sell your property off the market quickly.

When it Comes to the Kitchen – Don’t Renovate – Create!

One of the biggest selling points of a property is without doubt, the kitchen. For potential buyers it can really make or break the sale for them, and can have an enormous impact on the offer they’re likely to put in. The kitchen is, after all, referred to as the heart of the home.

Without renovating your kitchen, you can revolutionise the space in its entirety, making it look more expensive and desirable. Just follow these tips.

A great place to start is with your cabinets. So long as they’re functional, there’s no need to replace them – just spruce them up! Sanding them down and painting them a different colour will make the world of difference, and if you want add some new handles as a finishing touch.

If your tiles need grouting – then don’t skip on this step. It’ll make them look brand new without having to pay the cost.

One of the key trends in kitchen design is without doubt, under cabinet lighting. It not only illuminates the space and makes it appear more modern, but it’s also highly practical too. The kitchen is of course designed for cooking – and what better way to see what you’re doing than with the help of under cabinet lighting. It’s not overly expensive to install, and is completely transformative.

Think Neutral

If you’re the type of person who thrives off using bright colours and bold patterns in your décor, then maybe now is the time to think again before putting your property in the market.

Generally speaking, the more neutral you make a property, the more appealing it’ll be to the general public. Not everyone will have the same taste as you, so we recommend painting your walls a light and neutral base colour. This is for two main reasons:

  1. The first of these, is because it makes a space look brighter and bigger. Even if you can’t boast the extra square footage on paper, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give the overall illusion of the property being bigger. Light, neutral tones will not only provide, but will reflect light too.
  2. The second, is because it gives potential buyers a blank canvas. In the nicest way possible, they’re not there to admire how you’ve decorated the property. They’re there to envision what they would do to the place if they were handed the keys. It can be difficult to imagine your own furniture and taste against bold design – so make it easy for them and provide some neutrality. It could be a make or break.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Marie Kondo superfan, or you’re in the running to be on the next series of the worlds’ worst hoarders. Decluttering is a vital step in preparing your property for sale.

Finally, as we mentioned, you don’t have to have literal space, to show space. And if there’s anything that’s the thief of space – it’s clutter.

Any furniture, ornaments, belongings even items you don’t need or use – either disperse of them or give them to good will. For the things you do need and use but look a little messy, put them into storage.

The more space you can show, the better the property will look. Don’t try to fill the space, but instead make the most of showing the space that there is available.

Remember that it’s all about showing the potential of the property itself, and you can’t go wrong.

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